Introduction video

Introduction video Murara Plants Kenya

In this video we proudly show you an overview of our company Murara Plants Kenya. You see for example our main offices, the rooting houses and trial houses, the Alstroemeria farm and our water capture.

Enjoy a detailed tour of our Kericho farm where we work with nature for sustainable production of plant materials. You are welcome to visit our farm! You can find our details on the contact page of this website.


24 Unique introductions

in our online magazine

24 Unique introductions in our exclusive online magazine

We’re proud to present the first online magazine of HilverdaFlorist packed with exclusive information, photography and videos of the new pot, patio and garden introductions. As you can expect, all introductions are cutting-edge genetics and premium varieties for the grower, wholesale, retail and consumer.

Don’t take our word for it, go see for yourself!